Top 10 Sheet Music YouTube Channels to Follow

Are you looking for the best sheet music YouTube channels to subscribe to? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 sheet music channels that you should follow for the best sheet music videos.

1. MusicNotes

If you love sheet music, you’ve probably come across MusicNotes. They’re one of the biggest sheet music retailers in the world and have a great YouTube channel as well. Their channel features not only tutorials for popular songs, but also sheet music arrangements that you can purchase directly from their website. And if you love plays and musicals, they’ve got you covered with their sheet music videos from popular shows like Hamilton and Wicked.

2. The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys’ channel is a must-follow for anyone who loves classical and pop music. They create amazing covers of popular songs and also feature some cool behind-the-scenes videos. You’ll get to see how they create their incredible sounds and visually stunning videos. And their arrangements are available for purchase on their website.

3. Jellynote

Jellynote is an awesome sheet music YouTube channel that offers a wide range of music genres. They have over 400,000 sheet music arrangements available on their website, and their YouTube channel features some of the best. They also have a nifty app that syncs with your YouTube account, making it easier to learn your favorite songs.

4. Sheet Music Boss

Sheet Music Boss is a channel that’s all about making sheet music fun. They create awesome covers of popular songs and also offer tutorials so you can learn how to play them yourself. And if you want to challenge yourself, they’ve got some pretty difficult arrangements too. And yes, their sheet music is available for purchase on their website.

5. Paul Barton

If you’re a fan of classical music, Paul Barton’s channel is a must-see. He’s a pianist who’s passionate about sharing his love for classical music. His channel features performances, tutorials, and masterclasses. And if you’re looking for some cool sheet music, check out his website, where he offers his arrangements for sale.

6. Rousseau

Rousseau’s videos are a joy to watch. He creates beautiful piano covers of popular songs and classical pieces. And his videos are visually stunning, with amazing graphics and animations. And the best part is that he offers his sheet music arrangements for free on his website.

7. Pianist Magazine

Pianist Magazine is a great resource for pianists. They offer tutorials, masterclasses, and interviews with famous pianists. And their YouTube channel features some great content too, with performances and interviews. And if you want to work on your technique or learn some new pieces, check out their sheet music section on their website.

8. Virtual Sheet Music

Virtual Sheet Music is a great resource if you’re looking for video lessons and tutorials. They have a great YouTube channel that features some of their best lessons, as well as performances by some of their artists. And if you want to purchase sheet music, they have a wide range of classical and contemporary pieces available on their website.

9. LadyDpiano

LadyDpiano’s channel is all about making sheet music accessible to everyone. Her videos offer tutorials for popular songs, as well as some classical music. And she has a passion for teaching, so you know you’re in good hands. And the best part is that she offers all her sheet music for free on her website.

10. Musora

Musora is a channel that offers lessons and resources for pianists of all levels. They have a wide range of tutorials, from beginner to advanced, as well as lessons on improvisation and music theory. And if you want to take your piano playing to the next level, check out their website, where they offer courses, masterclasses, and more.


So, there you have it. These are the top 10 sheet music YouTube channels that you should follow if you’re looking for great sheet music videos. From classical music to pop songs, these channels offer something for everyone. And don’t forget, if you love the sheet music, support the artists and purchase their arrangements from their websites. Happy playing!

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